3D Wire Frame for Enhanced Acoustic SimulationCoffered Acoustic Ceiling design Element for TOVPTOVP Coffered Acoustical Ceiling for 100M diameter Dome DesignNoise control for Command Centre Aditya Birla Cement Plant Chittorgarh, IndiaEnhanced Acoustic Simulation Command Centre Aditya Birla Cement PlantClass Room Acoustic Simulation & Design of Training Centre NIIT TechnologyAcoustics & P.A. System with Digital Directivity Control Spks. Jaipur AirportClarity-C50, Acoustic Simulation for ISKON Temple at Penang MalaysiaSound Transmission Class (STC) measurement of cinema partion wallRTA_Screen_SpkAditya Cement Works Chittorgarh NC Measurement of CCR

Acoustic Consultant & Audiovisual System Designers

Acoustic Consultancy for large and small spaces              

  • 3D modelling and mapping of spaces under acoustical design
  • Auralization of sound for subjective assessment of performance of acoustic material and audio system
  • Auditorium facility planning: 

Our Acoustic consultants assisting architects to design structure (height, width and length) to suit the audio visual requirements as per SMPTE guidelines. AAR looks into approximately 65 parameters before freezing the structure of a auditorium. Some of these parameters are listed below:

    • ● Projection screen size and format as per SMPTE guidelines
    • ● Projection screen speaker location and height
    • ● Surround speakers location and numbers
    • ● Control room location and size
    • ● Screen to back wall distanceSight lines for cinema as per SMPTE guidelines
    • ● Seating layout and rake height and viewing angles as per SMPTE guidelines
    • ● Stage height for live performances 
    • ● Horizontal viewing angle and iso-deformation of image
    • ● Vertical viewing angle
  • Lecture theatre design with stadia seating
  • Conference room design
  • Home theatre design and residential noise control
  • Acoustical measurements STC, STI, RT-60, Leq and NC
  • Baseline noise and vibration surveys
  • Noise assessments in accordance with the relevant guidelines and target criterion
  • Building services noise control and vibration assessments
  • Noise control engineering for HVAC system and duct noise analysis, diffuser and grills noise analysis
  • Facility planning for cinema theatres and conference rooms
  • Audio-visual system design
  • Audio equipment calibration and real-time analysis  
  • Dolby Digital and DTS processor calibration and tuning
  • Video projection system design
  • Live streaming of video system and TCP/IP uplinking for remote viewing for Q&A session.
  • Video conferencing and telepresence facilities system design


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