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With our principal acoustic consultant having 39 years of vast experience in the audio visual and industry, Advance Acoustic Research (AAR) as an acoustic and noise control consultants provides design solutions for all kinds of projects whether it is a performing arts centre, conference room or a wide area video distribution network. We have the experience and knowledge to design state of the art systems which are cost-effective and user-friendly.

We use Enhance Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (EASE) 3D simulation software for all of our system design for sound reinforcement projects. We use the full version (i.e. Acoustics, Ears, LakeConv, Aura and Vision) of EASE acoustic simulation software and has five licenses to meet the demands of our clients.

During the design process, we work closely with architects to ensure that the audio visual system is cleanly integrated into the architectural spaces. We give a lot of emphasis in designing an audio-visual system that is easy to use. It should also be able to provide high quality images that are well defined and large enough to be viewed by audiences at the back of a hall/sitting in the last row of a hall during a presentation. As such, we here at Advance Acoustic Research follow the SMPTE guidelines for this purpose. The sound system that we design must meet the STI (Speech Intelligibility) criteria while the AV system must compliment the architectural space.

Our Process


We first understand the needs of the client and formulate the design criteria for both acoustics and audio-visual system.

Our consultants will then prepare a detailed synopsis of the audio-visual system requirement to determine the appropriate technology and budget for each project. On the basis of this detailed synopsis an AV system line diagram is prepared. The Synopsis and line diagram is then issued to the vendors along with the architectural drawings and guidelines for system integration. The vendors will specify their equipment accordingly and prepare their own line diagram to incorporate their equipment fitting into the parameters that we have given to them . In addition to that, the vendors will also do the 3D modelling simulation. Next, the vendors will submit their 3D project file to us for technical assessment. Any corrections that is required will be conveyed to the vendors. The vendors will then submit their commercial bid to the client and client places the order to the suitable vendor. 


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