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Hotels have guest rooms that are typically designed to mirror image each other, whereby the bathrooms and televisions of two rooms share a common wall. Therefore, it is important to maintain transmission loss of the common walls, ceilings and floors with a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 50, allowing guest to have a good sound sleep and comfortable stay.  We as acoustic consultants well understand that the  guest comfort is the primary criteria in hospitality business. 



Noise can be a major disturbance to hotel guests whether its from outside traffic, mechanical services plant or from activities within the hotel itself. When a hotel project is taken up, our acoustic consultants will conduct a noise survey to establish environmental noise contributed by traffic, aircraft, and other sources. We will then provide design guidelines to the architects with recommendations for the building facade design with appropriate STC rating for noise control.

Luxury hotels require an even higher acoustic performance and special acoustic treatments to noise generating areas such as atria, restaurants, banquet halls. Conference areas and meeting rooms to be isolated from noise making areas. Therefore acoustic consultant and audio visual system designers must be appointed right in the beginning of the project.

Nightclubs  and  discotheques within the hotel vicinity must be designed with high STC ratings and isolated structurally from the main building. Professional advise must be taken from an acoustic consultant.

Fitness centre, wellbeing and pool areas require vibration control measures and moisture resistant sound absorptive treatments.

Some of our projects

    ● The Fern, Jaipur, Rajasthan

    ● Seasons 1 Hotel at Pune, Maharashtra

    ● Seasons 2 Hotel at Pune, Maharashtra 

    ● Jaypee Siddharth Hotel, New Delhi

    ● The Park, New Delhi

    ● Uppal’s Orchid Hotel (Orchid Group of Hotels Mumbai), New Delhi 


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