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Modern multiplex cinemas require critical acoustical designing due to the very high dynamic range of digital sound (about 40 dB to 110 dB). Therefore, in order to listen to the lowest level of sound (about 40dB), it is imperative to maintain an internal noise levels of about NC-25. 

The Acoustic consultants Advance Acoustic Research (AAR) is one of the pioneers in designing acoustics and audio visual system for high end multiplex cinema theatres. We provide clients consulting services on the aspects of acoustics and noise control engineering, cinema projection, and sound reinforcement system. Our services are not only limited to acoustics but also we provide complete facility planning for the cinema auditorium, covering the following aspects:

  • Width, length and height of the auditorium.
  • Screen size as per the best industrial guide lines.
  • Viewing Angles.
  • First row distance to avoid  iso-deformation of image.
  • Last row distance with respect to screen size to meet the SMPTE guidelines.
  • Seating layout and tier height.

These are some of the of the parameters mentioned above must be optimised to give viewers a memorable cinema experience. 

We as acoustic consultants have done a large number of premium cinema auditoriums, each, meeting the most stringent industry standards in terms of acoustics and sound reinforcement system. In order to achieve such high dynamic range of sound and to consistently attain excellent speech intelligibility, the noise level has to be less than NC 25. We at Advance Acoustic Research will carry out noise mitigation from all sources including HVAC duct noise analysis.  



Some of our projects

  • Satyam Cineplexes at Nehru Place, New Delhi
  • Satyam Cineplexes at Janakpuri Nagar, New Delhi
  • Satyam Cineplexes at Patel Nagar, New Delhi
  • PVR Cinemas at Naraina (Payal), New Delhi
  • Entertainment Paradise, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • SRS Cinemas at Omaxe Plaza, Gurgaon, Haryana
  • SRS Cinemas at Pristine Mall, Faridabad, Haryana
  • SRS World/ PVR at Sector 12, Faridabad, Haryana
  • Priya Cinema Theatre, New Delhi


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