Tikendra Singh is an electronics & telecommunication engineer and leading acoustic and audio visual consultant in India. He started his career in 1975 as an R&D engineer for audio-visual system design. He is the founder and Principal Director of Advance Acoustic Research.  Since 1996, his professional experience working globally as consultant encompasses architectural acoustics, acoustical measurements, audio-visual system design and noise control engineering. He is the lead consultant for airport acoustics and PA system design in India. As a acoustics and audio-visual consultant, he has done wide varieties of building including one which has made into the Guinness World Record (Akshardham, New Delhi). He has worked with Siemens for 18 years on large engineering projects and was trained in Siemens Germany on CAD. 

Tikendra's core expertise is in audio-visual system designing and architectural acoustics. He uses advance acoustical simulation software for the above work. In addition to that, he has a good understanding of environmental psychology, interior planning, lighting and air-conditioning.

Ian Black & White

Ian Duddridge is a communication engineer and a broadcast professional with 37 years of experience in the industry. His technical experience covers all aspects of broadcast technology and related networks. 

Ian's experience was gained through extensive overseas work setting up broadcast facilities for FM radio and TV stations with system design and projects managed in over 15 countries i.e. Europe, the Middle and Far East, North and Central Africa. He has global business operations management experience. Ian  is currently based in Australia.


Pankaj Baveja Pankaj is a B. Tech. in Electronics from IIT, Madras (1981) and an MBA from IIM, Calcutta (1983), and has 30 years of rich experience across diverse industry sectors. Pankaj combines his strong fundamentals across engineering disciplines, with his management experience and innovative thinking to contribute to acoustical solution building. 


Sanjay Gulati is an architect and is a member of the Indian Institute of Architects and Council of Architecture. He has 28 years of professional experience in designing malls, studios, and high tech commercial buildings. He provides architectural advise to Advance Acoustic Research (AAR) wherever it is needed.


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