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Highly amplified music from nightclubs and discotheques has a very strong low frequency sound (e.g. the “thump” of a bass guitar or kick drum). These low frequency sounds are the most difficult to isolate and absorb. They cause structural vibration which can be heard within the building as far as 100 metres away. Hotels with nightclubs within its vicinity will face such problems as these noises travel to guest rooms, causing disturbance. For this reason, it is highly recommended that establishment owners discuss their particular noise condition with a qualified acoustical consultant as early as possible in the design or renovation of a prospective building or location. It is always more cost-effective to design good acoustics from the beginning of a project, rather than to rely on retrofit solutions when noises become a problem in the future. 


Advance Acoustic Research (AAR) as an acoustic consultants and audio visual system designer have worked on several high-end nightclubs and discotheques locally and abroad. We address mainly the following three aspects of acoustics:

  1. Sound barrier: To address sound travelling to other parts of the building (noise control engineering).
  2. Sound absorption: To improve the quality of sound within the nightclub.
  3. Noise Control: Mechanical equipment noise mitigation within the night club.

One of the most important aspects in our designs for nightclubs is that the high pressure dance music is focussed only on the dance floor and drops drastically when people move to the seating areas where they can have personal and intimate conversations without the need to shout at each other.  This is done via 3D advance acoustic simulation technique. 

A properly designed acoustics sound system of a nightclub can give clubbers the best possible experience, therefore encouraging them to return. Let us work with you to improve the music quality so as your nightclub is known for great sound and not for the buzzing music with overhang of bass sound booming. We will also ensure that the noise pollution norms and local bylaws are upheld, establishing your nightclub as a premier gathering place.

Some of our projects

  • Alpha Club at Le Meridien, Dubai, UAE
  • Lap Club (owned by actor Mr. Arjun Rampal) at Samrat hotel, New Delhi
  • Grunge Fashion & Night Club at The Fern Hotel, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Djinns, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi 
  • Sphinx Discotheque, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Lounge Bar Night Club at Seasons 2, Pune        


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