Consulting Services


Acoustic Consultants & Audiovisual System Designers

We offer design solutions for:

  • Acoustic Consultancy
  • Audio Visual System design consultancy
  • Architectural acoustics consultancy
  • Auditorium design consultancy
  • Cinemas / Multiplexes design consultancy: Sightlines, Screen size, Theatre size etc.
  • Large format and dome theatres design consultancy
  • Animatronics (animated robotics) design consultancy
  • 2D, 3D and 4D FX theatre design and simulated rides design consultancy
  • Airports / railway stations acoustics and PA system design consultancy
  • Audio recording studios design consultancy
  • TV studios design consultancy
  • FM radio studios design consultancy
  • Film studios design consultancy
  • Discotheques design consultancy
  • Entertainment centres design consultancy
  • Home Theatres design consultancy
  • Corporate multimedia boardrooms design consultancy
  • conference room  design consultancy
  • Hotels and restaurants acoustics and noise control consultancy
  • Banquette halls acoustics design consultancy
  • Open office spaces acoustics and sound masking design consultancy
  • Exhibition centres acoustics and PA system design for large venues design consultancy
  • Musical events real-time analysis consultancy
  • Conference centres design consultancy
  • Language interpretation design consultancy
  • Video walls design consultancy
  • Sound and light shows, audio equipment system design consultancy
  • Road noise control and construction site noise measurements consultancy
  • Building noise control general and building facade noise analysis consultancy
  • Air-conditioning noise control consultancy
  • Industrial noise control and designs solutions consultancy
  • Room designs for diesel generating sets consultancy
  • Sound barriers and reflectors design consultancy


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