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Modern digital home theatres produce very loud sound due to the high dynamic range from approximately 40 dB to 110 dB. Therefore, in order to listen to the lowest level of sound (about 40 dB), it is imperative to maintain internal noise levels to about NC-25.  This high sound pressure level (SPL) can cause structural vibration and noise to other floors and adjoining rooms. It can be disturbing to other members of the family and neighbours. Therefore a professional advise from an acoustic consultant is must to design a good home theatre.


Advance Acoustic Research as an acoustic consultants have decades of professional experience in designing acoustics and audio visual system for high-end home theatres and studios for residences in India and overseas. Using state of the art technology to design home theatres with 3D mapping and modelling technique, we deliver  high performing home theatre projects which give a very satisfying audio-visual experience with sound effects of  2D and 3D digital technology.

We are proud to say that Advance Acoustic Research (AAR) is one of the pioneers in designing high end multiplex cinema theatres in India such as PVR Cinemas, Satyam Cineplexes  and SRS world multiplexes. We consultants for acoustics offer our vast knowledge and experience to clients, the latest cutting edge technology for the audio-visual and automation of the home theatre and residential building management system including lighting controls.

We as acoustic consultants replicate a professional theatre-like experience at home-theatres, the location and size of the screen and video display is crucial. There are industry standards for screen size and guidelines given by both the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and THX Ltd. (a developer of quality standards founded by Lucasfilm). We help our clients to meet these standards with allocated budget and decide on the right size of screen for the room chosen for their home theatres.

Our services are comprehensive which include acoustics, noise and structural vibration mitigation and home automation. At Advance Acoustic Research, we perform the final calibration and room equalisation of the sound system using professional equipment.  

Being an independent acoustic consulting company, Advance Acoustic Research gives unbiased advice to their clients. Our clients are the final decision makers. They have the freedom to choose from whichever equipment that is available in the market and options we recommend that best fit their budget. We keep abreast with the latest technology developments in the entertainment industry and same is offered to our clients.

Some of our projects

  • Mr. Sandip Somani's  Residence (Hindware) Home Theatre New Delhi
  • Mr. Mohammad Azam’s Villa and Home theatre Bur Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. Surjeet’s Home theatre at Bur Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. Vipin Sethi Home Theatre, Vasantkunj, New Delhi
  • Mr Raja Sethi Home Theatre Chatarpur Farms, New Delhi
  • Mr. Lalit Khaitan Home Theatre, New Delhi
  • Shailesh Khaitan Home Theatre, New Delhi


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