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ISKCON Temple with dome diameter 100 m 

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3D Acoustical model for investigations

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Advance Acoustic Research is one of India’s leading acoustic consultants, presentation technology and audio visual system designers. Our team of consultants and acoustician have vast experience and in-depth knowledge, with the principal consultant having 39 years of global experience in the industry. We are dedicated to provide professional, high quality service, delivering superior solutions  to meet the needs of our clients. Having successfully completed over 2,500 projects in India and abroad, we offer consulting services covering:

Architectural acoustics using 3D acoustical mapping and modelling technique

  • Audio-visual system design with 3D simulation and auralization
  • Multimedia presentation technology consulting services
  • Live interactive video conferencing system design
  • TCP/ IP live media streaming and remote viewing/ learning consulting
  • Psychoacoustics and room equalisation with real time analysis
  • Noise control engineering consulting services
  • Noise data logging services
  • Vibration control consulting services
  • Industrial noise control consulting service
  • Acoustical measurements consulting serviec

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Acoustic consultants at Advance Acoustic Research design spaces by using 3D modelling and acoustical investigation techniques. Acoustical performance is predicted in the form of spectrograms and auralization of sound, this is achieved by using Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (EASE software) software. At Advance Acoustic Research, We use the complete version, i.e. Acoustics, Ears, LakeConv, Aura and Vision of EASE software and has five licenses to maintain good productivity.

Our acoustic consultants use the 3D CAD simulation software allows us to see the sound field coverage through the mapping and subjectively hear the performance of the room acoustics together with the sound reinforcement equipment, long before an architectural design is finalised for construction of a building. Best results can be achieved by fine-tuning the room acoustics and its sound characteristics, thus potentially saving time and money on expensive remedial treatments that may otherwise have been necessary after project completion.

Our consulting services portfolio of high profile clients is unmatched.

Advance Acoustic Research is a pure consulting company and does not indulge in contracting or  turnkey projects. We do not manufacture or supply any material or audiovisual equipment. This is inline with the code of ethics as engineering consulting services and the guidelines of Government of India.


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